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Who We Are? What We Do? Where We Are and Why? What Networks We Have?
What Advantages We Have? Why Choose Us? Whom We Will Cooperate With?

Who We Are?


China Sunbow Law Firm- PRC Lawyers, Trademark and Patent Attorneys, duly approved by the competent Chinese justice bureau and registered in Shanghai, People's Republic of China and effectively existing according to Chinese laws, is a full-service Chinese law firm providing legal services for clients both at home and abroad in each area of Chinese laws with more emphasis on Chinese commercial laws and intellectual property laws. Due to our close alliance with Chinese domestic and international reputable law firms, we have abundant networks around the world and can provide our clients with fast and reliable legal services. We have accumulated rich experience in helping our clients to design ideal deal structures for their business entering into China or establishing partnership with their Chinese counterparts, and most importantly, assuring their business operation in China in compliance with Chinese laws.


Thanks to our long and closely working with clients to fully understand their actual legal needs in China and making their needs apprised of Chinese legal developments, we can provide expert, prompt and cross-region legal services on Chinese commercial laws and intellectual property laws in a cost-effective manner and assist our clients in achieving their business objectives in China.


What We Do?


We mainly practice various Chinese commercial laws and advise domestic and foreign clients on every aspect concerning their business transactions involving China. We focus more on Chinese commercial laws, including counseling our clients on their direct investment in China, helping foreign investors to establish and operate business in China. We can provide, from the foreign perspectives, various legal opinions on their investments in China, including evaluating and selecting various business vehicles based on clients? actual situations and business objectives. We counsel our foreign clients on their merging and acquiring activities in China or their China related transactions, provide compliance analyses on their joint venture structure or wholly foreign-owned enterprises based on Chinese investment policies. We conduct legal due diligence on Chinese enterprises and identify their potential legal issues and risks for our foreign clients when they merge and acquire Chinese enterprises or establish joint ventures with their Chinese counterparts. We further provide foreign investors with administrative legal services for applying for various business permissions, approval and licenses as well as post establishment assistance, such as drafting various employment agreements, board resolutions, protecting their trademarks and patents, advising on their corporate governance and documentation of various legal agreements for commercial transactions in China. We also assist our clients in resolving various disputes with their Chinese counterparts through arbitration or litigation.


In addition to our commercial law practice, we are maintain a very strong intellectual practice team who dedicates to helping our clients to prosecute, maintain, administratively enforce and protect various intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, patents, copyrights and domain names in China. We practise Chinese intellectual property laws before the competent Chinese intellectual property authorities, such as the State Trademark Office of China for prosecution of various trademarks. We advise clients on strategic planning, solutions and protection to their trademarks, patents, copyrights, domain names, technology, know-how and trade secret in China. We counsel our clients on how to license their trademarks, patents, technology and know-how to China and draft various license agreements for clients. We also conduct due diligence for our foreign clients on their Chinese counterparts?intellectual property rights when our clients merge and acquire Chinese enterprises or establish joint ventures with Chinese enterprises.


Where We Are and Why?


Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is uniquely positioned at the doorsteps of the world's major fastest growing economy in the 21st century. After returning back to China in 1997, Hong Kong has maintained a stable and fast economic development for the last decade and continues to be one of the most important global financial and trade centers and is a leading financial and trade centre in Asia. Hong Kong governmental authorities keep efficient working systems with a high transparency, thus attracting many international enterprises to make presences and do business there. In order to meet our clients' needs, we also duly registered a company which is called China Sunbow & Associates Limited in Hong Kong which mainly represent our clients to apply for and prosecute various trademarks, designs and patents with the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department and handle some other business matters in Hong Kong.


Shanghai, a gateway to a land full of all potentials and opportunities, is a critical commercial and financial center and the most open city in China, where it is an ideal place for foreign investment and many Fortune 500 multi-national companies have already established offices here as their China or Asia Pacific headquarters. In order to meet the expanding Chinese legal needs of the multi-national companies, we are headquartered in Shanghai to deal with relevant legal business on our clients?direct investment, merger and acquisitions in China.


Beijing is the political and cultural center of China, where all the highest Chinese governmental authorities, including the China Trademark Office and the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, are stationed and all laws, regulations and important decisions are made there. In order to conveniently communicate and discus cases with the highest Chinese intellectual property and other governmental authorities, we have also established a liaison office in Beijing for handling all prosecutions of intellectual property rights before the China Trademark Office and the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office and dealing with other commercial legal issues before the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, etc. for various approval certificates and licenses as well as anti-trust filings during the process of establishing foreign invested enterprises or merging and acquiring domestic enterprises in China.


What Networks We Have?


In the modern commercial environment, many enterprises make presences and do business around the world and make decisions from its global business strategies. To protect our clients?economic interests to the utmost in a full range and in different places in China and around the world requires comprehensive in-depth knowledge in different practices in the region and other jurisdictions. Based on this marketing motivation and in order to provide our clients with practical and cost-effective, one-stop cross-region legal services, we have established strategic association relationships with other domestic and international law firms and intellectual property firms in the main business centers around the world as so as to fully meet the expanding legal needs of our clients. We have already established and maintained close cooperation with many law firms and intellectual property firms in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other countries and regions in world and work closely with them so as to meet our clients? diversified needs in the world. Since the inception, we have been expanding our associations and networks in the world by establishing strategic cooperation with more and more domestic and overseas law firms and intellectual property firms.


Thanks to our worldwide cooperation and associations, we can easily and quickly refer excellent and qualified firms and attorneys to our clients when they need legal services in other jurisdictions. We can also help our Chinese clients to enter into overseas markets and do business there through the assistance of our cooperative associated law firms and intellectual property firms in the world, which can also refer their clients to our firm to handle their legal matters in China.


What Advantages We Have?


Thanks to our continuous efforts and deep understanding to the Chinese intellectual property and commercial laws as well as our good relationships with the local governmental authorities, we have more advantages, resources and channels, and most importantly, we know Chinese laws better than other foreign law firms do. We are fully kept up-to-date with the latest Chinese regulations and policies which may possibly affect the interests and decisions of our foreign clients. We have kept excellent relationships with various Chinese governments and jurisdiction organs, understand their local practice and know how to efficiently approach and deal with Chinese governments on every aspect for various legal matters for our clients.


Thanks to our better resources and advantages than those which any other foreign law firms in China have, we are earning more and more reputable domestic and international clients from a wide spectrum and advising them on other commercial legal business and intellectual property matters in China.


Why Choose Us?


We attach an equal importance to the economic interests of clients no matter whether they are individuals, small and medium-sized entities or they are large multi-national companies. We treat our clients?business in the same way and standard as we handle for ourselves and keep our clients' trade secret confidential as treat our own confidential information. We understand and research our clients' business and then design the best structures and solutions for our client's business operation in China. We understand Chinese laws and local practice so well that we can provide tailor-made legal services to our clients and get their interests protected to the greatest extent within permission by laws but also get their business objectives achieved. Each of us will take best effort to provide high quality legal service and make greatest contributions to our clients?economic interests in China.


Our clients may benefit from our legal service on the basis of our


familiarity with Chinese intellectual property and commercial laws
excellent relationships with Chinese governmental authorities and acquaintance with their practice
know-how on their products, service, markets and business objectives in China reviewed from their global strategies
excellent tailor-made legal service and solutions delivered by our associates based on individual cases
associations and networks we have established and maintained with global law firms and intellectual property firms
consecutive representation of their interests

Whom We Will Cooperate With?

Since most of our clients have global presences and their China business and operation is not insolated from their global strategies and objectives, our clients' legal needs are multiple and diversified in many jurisdictions, which challenges our firm to seek for and establish alliance and strategic cooperation with legal professional firms in various jurisdictions. For this motivation, we have already established and maintained cooperation and are willing and eager to cooperate and expand our associations with any law firms, especially international law firms and intellectual property firms or any other foreign entities around the world which have commercial business, intellectual property and market shares in China in the near and long future. Any professional legal firms in either jurisdictions, having clients which have already had or will have business operation in China, are encouraged to establish and maintain a strategic association with our firm.
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