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Thanks very much for your interests in and visiting China Sunbow Law Firm - PRC lawyers, trademark and patent attorneys. Approved by the compentent Chinese justice bureau and registered in Shanghai, China, we are a full-service national law firm offering high quality legal services in every area of Chinese commercial laws and intellectual property laws.


It is a firm of outstanding capabilities, keen intellects and extraordinary desire to deliver superior and unparalleled legal services with more emphasis on Chinese commercial laws and intellectual property laws to clients both at home and abroad. We provide comprehensive Chinese commercial laws and intellectual property laws legal services to large, medium and also small-sized companies, major corporations and industry groups around the world with a performance-oriented and transparent billing policy. In order to meet our clients’dynamic needs in various jurisdictions, we have established close cooperative relationships with domestic and international law firms, which ensures that you will receive excellent, fast and reliable high quality legal services throughout the world.


We are living in a global economy now, more and more cross-border transactions are increasingly happening between China and the world. China has maintained a rapid and stable economic development over the last decades and is a quite large consumer market full of lots of commercial opportunities and possibilities here. We can design you an ideal deal structure in compliance with Chinese laws and assist your business entering into Chinese markets and protecting your economic interests to the utmost within the permission by Chinese laws.


We invite you to take this opportunity to take a look at our website for an initial overview of our firm so as to better know the services, the people, the culture, the values, the experiences and the resources of our firm. Hopefully it will be of some assistance to your business operation in China.


Should you have any questions, we will be happy to help you. We are looking forward to dialoguing with you soon.


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Bill H. Zhang, Esq.
Managing Partner
Attorney-at-law, Patent & Trademark Attorney
China Sunbow Law Firm

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