Contact us
Contact us
Shanghai Office (Headquarter)
China Sunbow Law Firm
Mail & Physical Address:
23F, Jiali Mansion
No. 1228-2, Yan'an West Road
Shanghai, 200052, People’s Republic of China
Tel: +8621 5081 5229
Fax: +8621 5081 5239
E-mail: sunbow@chinasunbow.com
Website: www.chinasunbow.com
Please deliver all your inquires and/or hard copies to our Shanghai Office. Thanks for your cooperation!
Hong Kong Office (Liaison)
China Sunbow & Associates
Mail Address:
Room 1318-19, 13/F, Hollywood Plaza
610 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowlon
Hong Kong Special Adminitrative Region, China
Tel: +852 2710 8200
Fax: +852 2710 8266
E-mail: hongkong@chinasunbow.com
Website: www.chinasunbow.com
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