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China Sunbow & Associates highly values diversity among the associates. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate the associates on the basis of race, nationality, gender, age, color, religion, marital status, sexual orientation or physical disabilities on condition that you are professional, experienced and have a keen interests in Chinese intellectual property or commercial laws practice.

What We Offer


Working with us means you choose challenges because you need to be creative and innovative in your legal work and your work shall go beyond the expectations of our clients. We are not only just working but creating all legal possibilities. The task of the firm is just gathering excellent legal experts as many as possible and sharing the creativeness among our associates. When a complex legal transaction comes before your desk, we will offer you a communicative platform to discuss your ideas with other professionals with various backgrounds or even different national origins. After such discussion from different legal perspectives, a creative but yet reasonable legal solution shall be expected.


We are not just offering work but most importantly we are educating people the effective methods to deal with complex legal issues. Most valuably we are offering you the ambitions for your legal career development and undertakings.


We evaluate our associates on the base of their performances and promote them to be partners according to their contributions to the firm. Every year we will normally evaluate the performances of our associates and partners. Based on their performances we will make some adjustments to their positions and status. Some associates with excellent performances and great contributions to the firm will be promoted to be partners while some partners will be moved from their partner positions if they do not perform very well and make little contributions to the firm. Therefore we are not only offering equal working opportunities, but also equal promotions and a platform for creating your own business and undertakings.

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